Why I Can’t Stand Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Music

A description of the reasons why the “revolution” he claims is anything but.

NOTBecause his Lyrics are profane and sexistNo matter how big a feminist I might think of myself, I have listened to Blurred Lines and thousands of other offensive songs on loop. Hip Hop/Rap rarely offers content which is not sexist. It is a common trait in many artists in this genre and we cannot single out Honey Singh for it. I also support uncensored,mature content to cater to the needs of the largest population of this country – the 18+ Youth.

Because there is any personal vendettaI have no semblance of knowledge about his personal life and therefore no basis for me to criticize or judge him. We often separate the personal lives of the artists we like and their music. Chris Brown beats up Rihanna and we still listen to his music. Eminem’s struggle with drugs did not deter us from supporting him and his work. So Honey Singh deserves to be criticized on the same parameters. BUT BECAUSELyrics Matter TooA common justification given by people who listen to his songs is “Beats are good”. Oh. I wasn’t aware he had switched to EDM. Upon further investigation, I learnt he hasn’t and his music is peppered with what might be construed as words in the widest sense possible. It is just that these words make less than logical or even musical sense.

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And His Lyrics are Incredibly Offensive The first Honey Singh song I ever heard was something I can’t type or mention.( Yes, it’s that word you are thinking about). It was played at a house party and everyone danced-girls and boys. Then his mainstream run began where the songs were subtly profane. And then came Blue Eyes.

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One of the saddest things in the history of the internet is that this song has more YouTube views than the original Blue Eyes by Eric Clapton. And no. Singh’s Blue Eyes is not even remotely close to the Clapton classic.What alarmed me was the popularity this song had among a 12 year old kid. Everyone knows Honey Singh including children especially after singing for Bhoothnath. So the 12 year old me, who grew up listening to soulful singing of Shaan and Sonu Nigam, would now listen to “But white chicks.. nah I don’t like them anymore Ban mitran di whore I mean mitran di ho tu vi tedha tedha takkein”. Yes words matter. That is the reason Eminem and few other rappers have Explicit Content warning or censorship on songs. But the land famous for censoring the slightest lewd content has missed something which is spreading like wildfire.

There seems to be no stopping him

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I stumbled upon a Hindi Music channel and for roughly 20 minutes, there was continuous Honey Singh music. The barrage of mediocre content which will deafen a music lover ,done with pride and confidence. T-Series has gotten behind him so strongly that he sings a song every month, either independently or for a movie. His “golden run” began with “Lungi Dance” for Chennai Express, a smart marketing gimmick to pander to Rajnikanth fans and capture the elusive Southern markets. That sums up his existence and something even his ardent fans acknowledge- to create marketable and catchy content.

And he knows itHe released a track on World Music Day ( I am guessing to provide a yardstick to what music isn’t) which set new levels of narcissism. In this ludicrous mash-up of “On To The Next One” and “I Can Transform Ya” in his video, a “Lil Golu” with him claims-

Socho Honey Singh hi agar paida hua na hotaToh phir music industry ka revolution hi nahi hota

I will now let you bury your face deep in a facepalm and wish you didn’t read that.

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Singh goes on to ask us to pray that he receives a Grammy. Well, Mr Singh, the last time an Indian Mainstream musician won a Grammy, it was because he worked hard for it and never asked for us to pray for him. And his name is Allah Rakha Rahman. I suggest a strategy change.

Catchy Music is becoming the norm of the day There is a spate of artists imitating or developing a new style which is all about creating catchy music which charts for few days and gets in a lot of dough. There is no intention to create timeless classics which were being made even a decade ago.

10. Swag when made Desi leads to Cringes

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=yW63GZHF1wQ.

11. Makes Bebot look Grammy Worthy

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DumAAO0FMyc.

12. What we did to Akon’s I Wanna Love You

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zRmt-XGz2Hw.

And this post will fail to create any impactThere is a vicious circle of loyalty which he has created which will dismiss this post and even find loopholes in my criticism. Then there will be the hypocrites who are aware of all the flaws I have listed and still listen to him. The main problem I have is the popularity which is clouding good music, similar to the box office popcorn movies which are clouding good independent movies. And also that it is not music.

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So “Yo Yo Fans” lets arrive at a compromise. You stick to the Hip-“Hap” which his song advocates for and I will stick to the Hip-Hop I know and no one gets hurt. Except the struggling, independent artist with good music.

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